College of Archaeology & Tourism


College of Archaeology & Tourism


Mission and Vision

Vision of the college

Providing Distinctive And Advanced Performance In The Fields Of Archaeology, Restoration, Arab Peninsula And Tourism Guidance Aiming To Serve The Community And For The Progress Of The Nation.

رؤية الكلية

تقديم أداء متميز ومتطور في مجالات الآثار والترميم والآثار الإسلامية والإرشاد السياحي بهدف خدمة المجتمع وتنمية البيئة.

Mission of the College

An Educational Private Institution Aspiring To Qualify A Well - Trained Graduate In The Fields Of Archaeology, Restoration, Arab Peninsula And Tourism Guidance. Thus, The Graduate Deals With The Latest Development Of Such Specified Fields So As To Revive The Cultural Heritage Serving Both The Community, As Well As, For The Progress Of The Nation.

رسالة الكلية

مؤسسة تعليمية خاصة تسعي إلى إعداد خريج متخصص متميز في علوم الآثار المصرية القديمة والآثار الإسلامية ، ترميم وصيانة الآثار و الإرشاد السياحي مواكباً للتطورات العلمية في مجالات التخصص وإحياءً للتراث الحضاري وفاعلاً في خدمة المجتمع وتنمية البيئة.

Department within this Faculty

Recent Submissions

  • El-Toukhy, Mohsen (Ancient Egyptian Archaeology Department, Faculty of Archaeology and Tourism, Misr University for Science and Technology, 6th of October City, Egypt, 2014-05-22)
    The purpose of this book is the appearance of the participles in the Late Egyptian Literature. That the Participle as a grammatical condition has a very important status in the Egyptian Grammar; indeed, because of its ...
  • Helmi, Fatma Mohamed; Hefni, Yasser Kamal (Conservation Dept. , Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, 2Conservation Dept. , Faculty of Archaeology and Tourism Guidance, Misr University for Science & Technology, Egypt., 2014)
    Many scientists and researchers, have confirmed that water in any physical state, is considered the major deterioration factor of stones. It has not only a direct role in the damage of the stones, but also it works as a ...